the photo session 

Okay. Real talk here. I will totally take photos of you and your family. I may even get one photo where you're all awkwardly looking at the camera to send to grandma! I know, crazy right? But really, while I'm doing that, my secret mission is to make sure you see how freakin' beautiful you and your family are. Because behind all the chaos, and crazy tantrums, and poop, and negotiations with your 3 year old, you know you're beautiful. And amazing. And that there's so much love. Because you can feel it in your heart and soul. So I'll just be there to catch that on camera. 

bring your truth to our session, and I will photograph that. because that’s your family’s soul. and that will live on forever in your family’s history.

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I have realized over the years of me photographing families, that I like to keep things simple. While this is my business, I cannot with authenticity lay out a bunch of different packages for you to choose from, because in reality what I offer is the same for each and every one of you. I put my whole heart into these sessions - both in the time I spend with you and in the work I put into each photo I deliver to you. My goal is to capture your truth, your heart, and your family’s connection. My sessions are about you having quality family time together which means being present and living in this moment during our session. I want us to slow down and find the joy in the little things that, put all together, is the story of your

family. Forget the age old script of saying “cheese” to the camera. That’s not what we came together to do. We came together (and promised each other by setting aside this time in our calendars) to forget all the burdens of work, set our phones down, and open our hearts to a little fun with your family. This is the time for your family and your children, who are fueled by your love and attention, to give them that love and attention without the distractions of daily life.

my goal is to capture your truth, your heart, and your family’s connection


Are you ready to document your family’s love?