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Over the course of the year it seems like a rare thing for me to bring my camera out to document what's going on in my life. It can actually be a hard thing to take my camera out to capture a family outing or adventure. I get a little fried. My brain, my fingers, my eyes all get a little tired and need breaks from the constant shooting and editing. Don't get me wrong, I love it. I love my job. It's literally my passion. But a break is needed for anything if you do it all the time. So that being said, when I was putting together my annual photo book for our parents a couple months ago, I was surprised by how many photos I had taken over the year. And I'm so glad I did. Because, wow, look at what happens in a year! It's crazy actually. When as parent's our days seem to drag but the years go by so incredibly fast, it's so important for us to reflect and appreciate all the amazing things that we did and accomplished as a family! All in a year. So if you're interested at all in catching a glimpse of my life, well parts of it, take a look :) Also a little shout out to CourtneyCourtney for the amazing rompers and dresses that are featured in a lot of these photos.

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family adventures2016_0008.jpg
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fun with film // traveling photographer

After a few years of stock pilling rolls of film shot on an old plastic Brownie equipped with only a view finder and a button to take the photo, as well as a more pro camera, a Mamiya 645AFD, we finally bit the bullet and developed most of it this month! There were some surprises, as well as some disappointments, but all in all film is just FUN! When we got our scans back we all sat together as a family, past the kids bedtimes, and looked at all the photos. Even though it was on my computer screen, there was something different and extra special about it. Film is kind of amazing like that. We are so used to instant gratification these days, that having to wait and wait, and then like us, wait so long that we forget what we shot, that it brings the element of surprise back. And with that surprise, comes joy, and memories, and also, for us at least, confusion about who shot what, and "where in the world was that taken". But there's the "OOOH, and AAHH" moments that we seem to be missing in this digital era. My husband and I are re-learning film, to put it lightly. We were brought up super old school with back and white film, developing our own film, making our own cameras, mixing our own chemicals, and experimenting in the darkroom. But after that, it was pretty much digital. So color film is sort of new to us. And it's a new playing ground today, with multiple choices for film labs that you mail your film to, and choices on what types of scanners to use, and types of film to use, and should we push this roll and not that roll to see what that looks like? Most of this is probably jibberish to many of you, but these are the things that we are figuring out and learning. And it's oh so fun! At least for nerds like me and my beau ;) So, here are a few photos that we just got back. I have done nothing to them in post. I may touch them up later, but I'm totally into them as they are right now. They are just imperfectly perfect. Which is where my love of photography began - the beauty of imperfection. I'm posting the brownie images first and then the photos that I took with the Mamiya after. Apparently film cameras in our house only come out when we are on vacation, so you've been warned, there are lots of beach photos with very serious children. 

Technical details: Most of the film shot here is Kodak Ektar with the exception of a Portra 400 used for one of the Brownie shoots. We used Indie Film Lab for our developing and scanning. 

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cuba part 2 // destination and travel photographer

Roughly speaking this is the second half of our six day adventure in Cuba. Here's Cuba part 1 if you missed it. Part of this second half of our trip we traveled a few hours outside of Havana to Viñales Valley. We caught a glimpse of the beautiful and unique landscape, colorful homes, tobacco farms, and vegetable farms and gardens. We ate one of our most amazing meals of our whole trip at a beautiful farm where they grew all their veggies, cooked our meal, and literally covered our big table with beautiful plates of food (I didn't take any photos because I was too hungry, and I'm no food photographer, just being honest). Farm to table at it's best. After our bellies were full we visited a tobacco farm complete with a cigar rolling demonstration. Make sure to check out the short video my husband made of our tobacco farm visit. I'm not one for words, especially late on a Monday night, so here's the photos!

cuba part 1 // destination and travel photographer

Finally I'm getting around to sharing with all you wonderful people my photos from my recent trip to Cuba. This country is like no other that I've been to, and that's saying a lot because I've been lucky enough to have visited more than 25 countries. I went with a group of photographers and creatives, including my husband, and we were there for about 6 days. This was not enough time to fully appreciate and fall into the rhythm of this beautiful and historically charged country. I would go back there in a heart beat. The landscape - beautiful and distinct (especially for a Caribbean island). The people - kind, thoughtful, and real. Havana was a photographer's dream. At least for me. I love the rustic and the old and the decay caused by time and history. And Havana has it all. Color, texture, and beautiful architecture, all fighting against time, the salty air and the sun loving plants that only want to grow and grow. I could say so much more, but I'm not a wordy kind of gal. This will be my first Cuba blog post, as I still have many more photos to edit and share, including photos from a wedding styled shoot we did in Havana.

my favorite photo apps // brooklyn family photographer

A couple weeks ago I started my newsletter which will be filled with information and inspiration for you my lovely clients! I'm working out the details but I think it would be helpful to have the same information that I'm sharing in the newsletter, here on my personal project blog. So here's what I talked about in the last newsletter - my favorite photo apps (at the moment, that is...). 

Most of us use smartphones these days for all or most of our casual photo taking. And I mean, who doesn't love Instagram? But don't forget about all the other fun photo apps out there! Here are my three favorite photo apps at the moment:

VSCO CAM This one is my go to photo app (and it's free to get!). I almost always use it for my in-phone edits. They have set filters based off the look of film that you can then go in and edit and customize from there. They are always adding new filters (film packs as they call it), that you can purchase later if you want more options. Just like with some films you can end up with odd color shifts, so be ready to do a little of your own tweaking and adjusting after you put the initial filter on. You can also make your own edits without starting with one of their filters. See how creative you can get!

 Edited in my phone with the VSCO app.

Edited in my phone with the VSCO app.

RNI Films This one I just discovered, and I think I might really like it once I play around with it some more (and it's also free to get!). It's similar to the VSCO as it's focus is on film emulation, but RNI lists which film you are using to create your look. You have to purchase more film packs if you want more looks (I guess they have to pay the bills too!) which I think we all will once we see the options that they have!

 Edited on my phone using the RNI Films app.

Edited on my phone using the RNI Films app.

Cross Process  This one I have had for a long long time and I think it's so fun because there's not much to it other than watching your photo "get developed" in front of your eyes. The bummer now is that it's $1.99 to get (I must have gotten it way back when they were just starting because I thought it was free). You can select a photo that you have already taken to get it cross processed, or you can take a photo directly in the app, and then watch the magic happen! 

 Edited on my phone using the Cross Process app.

Edited on my phone using the Cross Process app.

So enjoy playing with your photos, and see what you can create!  

williamsburg colors // brooklyn family photographer

So I know I'm skipping like two months here, and when I'm not as insanely busy I promise I'll be posting photos of the summer fun we have been having. I'm not gonna lie, it's been a bit of a crazy summer so far, and while I wish the warm weather would last forever and ever, I am secretly looking forward to school starting so I can work in daylight hours instead of deep deep into the night time hours. But here's a little peek at our day yesterday as I dragged my family around Williamsburg to scout some locations for this falls mini sessions. We had to get ice cream at the end because it was a fairly painless experience for all. That's like a win win!

We went on a road trip in the last weeks of may! Ohio to North Carolina to Georgia then back again to Brooklyn. Two graduation parties, camping in the woods, exploring new cities, and lots of whining in the car. It was a whirlwind to say the least.  May 16 - June 5. 

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 my little dancer.

my little dancer.