Newborn Session Prep Info

First - don't take any of this super serious. It's all meant as suggestions and not musts. 

Home preparation - temperature, lighting, organization

For newborns and small babies, make sure the environment that we will be taking the photos in is warmer than normal. In the summer this is generally not a hard thing to do, and my suggestion would be to turn the AC off or have it set at a higher temp. In the winter and cooler months, turn the heat up. Make it nice and toasty. We might be on the warm side, but baby will be happy, and we will have the freedom to change baby's clothes without them getting chilly. Clean or tidy up the room or space that has the best natural light. If we will be using the master bedroom, clean off the bedside tables of clutter, including alarm clocks and any lamps that may look awkward in the photos. White or lighter colored sheets or duvet covers are best for photos on the bed. When I arrive, be prepared for me to move items around that I think would be good in or out of the photos. I use only natural light, so pull the shades up or curtains to the side, and bring as much light in as possible! Have blankets (swaddle and larger/special blankets) on hand so we can lay baby down on the floor, couch, or where ever really easily.

Photo ideas

Think about any particular shot you want to try and capture. I'm there to make suggestions and give directions, and document the real moments between you and baby, and I take great consideration into the unique lighting in your home. Pinterest can be your friend, and I always like seeing what you have found and like, but remember that lighting and background play a big role in photos, and some photos might not be so easily mimicked. Please make a Pinterest page with photos from my blog that you like or are drawn to. This will help me get a sense of how to direct the session. If you have something special, an heirloom item perhaps, that you want included in some of the photos, make sure to have that easily accessible. Think about what photos you might like to frame or put up on your wall and how you would like to display them. I will then take the time and work to capture what you are envisioning. 

What to wear

Have a few outfits ready for the babe. We can also just plan on using a small blanket or one of those simple underwear looking bottoms that come with many newborn outfits to hide the diaper. For grownups, have a few shirt options available. Small pattern or plaid is good, but large plaid or pattern can sometimes be too overpowering in photos. Steer clear of large lettering or characters (no cartoon characters or sports logos). Wear clothes that are comfortable and allow you to sit on the bed to hold the baby. If we go outside, wear clothing that your comfortable with sitting on the ground.

Suggestions to get a sleeping baby

If you want sleepy baby photos, the best is to get baby to go to sleep right before I arrive. Lay baby down on couch, bed, or floor, or wherever there is good light and where we might be starting the session. Have baby naked except for diaper and diaper cover, and wrap them up in a blanket. It's always easier to dress a baby than to undress them and have them stay happy (unless they love to be naked!). Then if we are so lucky, baby will stay asleep and we can capture some fun holds. Please note that every session is different and every baby is different. And since my focus is on natural and lifestyle photography, we will go with the flow and see where the baby will lead us :)


And the biggest suggestion I have - RELAX and ENJOY! Being relaxed as a parent is so key to having baby relaxed. I make sure we have plenty of time, and plan on babies needing to eat and poo sometime in the middle of taking a bunch of photos. 

I'm excited to be working with you all and look forward to a fun and beautiful session!