Maternity Session Prep Info

What do I wear?

What you wear is important for a successful maternity session. Especially during this time when your body is changing and different, clothing can play a big role in how you feel and in your confidence. Clothing compliments who you are as a family, speaks to the environment in which the session is taking place and will coordinate with your home where the final images will be displayed. In general try to stay away from all white or all black. Plaid or patterns is good, but large plaid or large bulky pattern can be too overpowering and distracting. Steer clear of large lettering or characters (no cartoon characters or sports team logos). Color is good, especially primary and secondary colors. Nothing too dark please. Dresses and flowing shirts are great, but be prepared to be cradling your belly to accentuate the baby bump for the photos! If you plan on showing skin, think about simple garments that will frame your belly and torso - like a button down shirt that can be un-buttoned and left open for the belly to be exposed. I'm also happy to do more intimate photos if your are interested, with barely anything on! When indoors we will have time to change into a couple outfits. When outside, I recommend picking one outfit that has layers, to add versatility. Fun shoes, or if it's warm, no shoes! And don't forget accessories. Jewelry, hair accessories, and then scarves and hats too for colder outdoor sessions! Please text me with any questions or send me pics of what you are thinking of wearing. I'm here to help! 347-420-0368. 

What do I want the photos to look like?

Think about what things you would like to be doing in the photos, or rather what you all do on a daily basis anyway - holding hands, walking together, sitting on a bench together, hugging and kissing, lying down on the grass, sharing a moment over coffee, anything - think real moments, real life stuff. This is the chance to capture your life at this moment in your lives when you are pregnant. When baby is older, they will LOVE to see photos of their parents being themselves during this time before they were born, but almost here.  I will also have suggestions and give some direction and reminding, but it’s always good to be prepared and thinking about this,  and to bring your ideas too!  Think about what photos you want up on the wall. Or if you are planning on getting an album, let me know of a certain theme or story for the photos, so that I can capture all the elements that will create a full and fun album! 

What should I bring or have ready for the session?

If there are any element that has meaning to you like a special book or piece of jewelry that you want in some of the photos, have them ready. For outdoor sessions bring a blanket for the ground (though I'm into just hanging out on the grass too). Make sure it's something you would like to have in the photos if we end up using it. I like old or vintage quilts that have nice color and texture. Those nifty waterproofy picnic blankets are great for keeping bums dry, but they are less than flattering in your photos. Keep in mind that we are creating your family photos that will be on your walls or in your album, and what a better time to bring something that has meaning for you, or already holds family memories that you can carry through in your photo. We will take breaks for water or anything else. We will have plenty of time to capture everything!  Most importantly, let’s have fun. Be relaxed and enjoy. We will have a beautiful session of photo making!