together in dumbo // brooklyn engagement photography

It's not every day that I can book a session this close to sunset, but when the opportunity presents itself, I can't pass it up! I LOVE my family sessions, I LOVE working with kids, they are my favorite, but one of the biggest challenges is working around the light of the day and how that works with children's schedules. My kids are asleep these days before the sun is down, and even if they are awake at that time, they are grumpy and definitely in no mood for a photo shoot. It's way too close to bed time for little minds, not to mention parent's are super ready for the day to wind down rather than add one more activity to their insane day of keeping their children alive, happy, and fed. So, that being said, yes, I couldn't pass up an opportunity to take my camera out around the time the sun makes pretty colors :)

brooklyn engagment photographer_0012.jpg