bring the crew // von king park - bed stuy // brooklyn family photographer

Keeping up with these kids and their happy and inexhaustible energy is half the fun for me (the other half is capturing it all on camera). With kids of my own I'm basically tired all the time, but when on the job adrenaline will totally kick in and I find myself in the weirdest positions, running backwards way too fast, or scooting around like a chicken with it's head cut off. But instead of no head, my head is glued behind the camera, all for the sake of capturing kids in their element of happy exploration/chaos. I can fall into their world for a little bit because it's my job. And I like that part of my job :)

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taking DUMBO with us // brooklyn family photographer

As a mother of two I know how hard it is to raise kids in this city. So I totally relate to families who take the leap to move to greener pastures and away from these hot summer sidewalks. I also know how fast our kids grow and how quickly the world around us can change so being able to document as least some parts and moments of this crazy life is priceless.