home cuddles // queens baby photographer

One thing that I have to do as a photographer working with families who live in NYC is reassure them that we can always find light. Since I only work with natural light windows are my dear friends and I tend to get to know them very well when I come into a new space. NYC is infamous for tiny apartments, many of which that have windows that face walls (like mine...), or are on the ground floor with looming buildings all around blocking any light. But I can 99.9% of the time make it work. I'm leaving a little wiggle room so I don't eat my words at some point, ha. Yes we may be hanging out literally on your window sill, yes we will get a little creative, but pushing the norm has always yielded the best results because that's where the creativity lies. And be sure we will find it, as well as some real emotions and smiles ;) Because that can really happen anywhere!