the cool kids // williamsburg family photographer

Organization has never been my strong suit. For years now I've been fine tuning my business workflow, trying to figure out what I like and what works best for my life, and how to make it all faster and more efficient. I'm talking about the business side of it all. The creative part, the photo taking and the editing, that is something that comes way more naturally to me. It's something that I work hard on also, because there'a always room to grow and learn and be better. But that's the easy stuff. Or at least the part that I LOVE thinking about and figuring out. The creative part of this job is why I started my business in the first place. It's literally what I want to do, all the time. It feeds my soul. BUT the business part... Yeah, not so natural for me. So fine tuning and experimenting with giant planners that weigh 50lbs, or organizational programs with way too many options for my brain to handle, have been my jam for the last couple years. But I'm getting there. And in all honesty I'm on to something, and things are flowing. I still need to take the time to write more email templates (yes I pretty much write ALL my emails individually) so I can save time that I can use for the "actual work" - editing. I say "actual work" because there are days that go by where my plan was to edit, but I get caught up in emails and session planning which is actual work, but in my silly creative head, I still think that shooting and editing is the only thing that I'll be doing as a photographer (and business owner! Duh!). So I'm working on changing my mind set about that too. Anyway, I'm bringing all this up because this session I'm blogging below, I literally have a memory of blogging before, BUT I NEVER DID! Talk about being completely un-organized! Grrr. This is one of my favorite sessions of this past fall too! How could I forget to blog it!? Well here it is now. So you better like it too ;) Ha.