4's the charm // brooklyn family lifestyle photographer

Having small seemingly mundane or simple things to do at a photo session can yield some really beautiful photos. The kids arranged some flowers, they showed me that they also had cameras, we broke some rules in the kitchen, we went for a walk in their Brooklyn neighborhood, got some breakfast treats, and hung out on a random cellar door on the street. And it was great! Doing these everyday things for your session can create beautiful and memorable photos, because they are actually capturing your family at this point in your life. And you can look back in the years to come and see a little glimpse of what your life was like then. That is something to remember I think :) This session was extra special to me because I was photographing my awesome friend who is also an awesome photographer! Raquel Frechette, you should check her out, because, like I said, she's awesome and her work is magic!