a silly kid in the ford foundation's tropical oasis // manhattan child photographer

Some green, lush, and tropical plants and the sound of babbling water in the middle of winter? Yes please! I recently discovered this wonderful public space, and thought it would be a fun spot for a photo session. How come I've never really heard about this place? It's been around since the '60's I think (I could do more research I guess...). When I took my youngest there for a trial run photo session, there was pretty much no one there. It was so great. I mean where can we go these days in this big city where there's no people to scoot around or wait to pass by or all the other shenanigans that come with lots of people living on top of each other. So maybe sshhhh? We can keep it a secret too.  My soon to be 3 year old is not my best subject as she's going through a hard core not listening phase at the moment. But other than her not listening to me and not wearing the clothes that I wanted her to wear, we got some cute shots. Just fyi, the Ford Foundation public tropical oasis space is only open during the week and is closed on weekends and all bank holidays. Anyone up for a mid week photo session?