being kids in the snow // berkshire MA family photographer

Thanksgiving weekend was a snowy one this year in western Mass and Conn, in the totally best way possible. We woke up Wednesday morning to no snow, and then watched the snow start to fall, building a white blanket of beautiful snowball making snow for us to romp around and play in. We spent all day Wednesday, huge chunks of Thursday, and all afternoon Friday outside in the snow! The girls are getting old enough now to really appreciate it and enjoy it's magic. And this snowfall was one that I'm so glad we did not miss out on! It was the best way to start winter for sure :) And it wasn't complete without a snowball covered in maple syrup and a hot mug of cocoa! The girls thought they were in heaven. The 'grown ups' (still don't feel like one), built a hill out of snow and we snowboarded down it with my ancient snowboard. My brother being the only one who was able to get a little air on our teeny jump. I just fell (picture not included). It's been awhile. I even got my ol' lens baby out from my college days and snapped a few photos with it!