the maine gang // coastal maine family photographer

Soooo I'm a little late to post this on the blog, but here's a little session I did for my high school friend up in the coast of Maine late this summer. The cool breezes of fall were already reaching up to these northern lands, reminding us that fall and winter were right around the corner. The last few years I've been spending at least a month up in our little boat cabin up in Maine (it literally used to be a sleeping cabin for the sailors that worked on a shipping vessel about 100 years ago). I'd love to set up a summer base up there and get clients and work during that time. This past summer I took the bus back to NYC a few times and drove a few other times for my sessions over the weekends, leaving the kids with dad or grandma for a few days. Anyway, this wee babe is now a few months older and again I will get to see them very soon in upstate NY! Maine is sadly reserved for the summer time for us.

maine newborn photographer_0004.jpg
babyKeetch Millermaine, indoor