Hey there, I'm Keetch (sounds like peach!). I specialize in lifestyle and documentary photography for newborns, babies, kids, and families. I work in Brooklyn, Manhattan, and Queens, and anywhere around NYC. When I'm not in the NYC area, I'm in the Berkshires (MA, CT), and in the summer time around Portland Maine and the smaller coastal towns along rt. 1 in Maine. 

I don't know what life with your kids is like, but mine is nuts. It's also speeding by incredibly fast, and all these little quirky, and quite frankly, amazing things that our kids are doing right now are totally worth documenting. Photos are like little time capsules. They can easily transport us back to a moment or a feeling. And mamas and dadas, these moments are a fleeting! So let's catch them together. In a fun and stress free and probably a silly way. Because who needs more stress these days. Let's just be silly together. It's so much better that way. 

I'm a mother of two wonderful and inspiring little girls and am married to my best friend, who is also the best father. They bring light to my day and vision to my life. You can see little bits and moments of our life here on my personal project page or you can follow my photographic adventures on Instagram.


My background in photography is fine arts based, and  in college I fell in love with the medium and spent countless hours creating and manipulating black and white images in the darkroom. Not only did my passion for photography start while looking through the lens, but the hands on process of developing film and prints and the experimental role I could play, fascinated me as well.  I now shoot mostly digital, and occasionally shoot film on my old plastic Brownie or my Mamiya 645 to have a little fun with film.

My kids and my husband. And a palm tree.